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It all started back in November 2018 while strolling down the streets of New York City with my wife and two kids. It was right around nap time, when Mathias, our youngest, wouldn't stop crying and after walking for like seemed forever, we got to Union Square. Just a couple of minutes of us walking around the area had passed, when we realized Mathias had profoundly fallen asleep; we didn't pay it much attention as we assumed he was exhausted from the day and after all he had been crying a lot. But then we noticed Santiago (our oldest) had quickly fallen asleep as well, which was very unusual. This ended up happening several times, specifically in this area of town, so we immediately started analyzing the reason behind it and that's when the lightbulb turned on! The boys started falling asleep because of the vibration produced exactly at the moment we would start strolling on the hexagon-shaped cobblestone of Union Square. 

And that's how Z-ump got created, the only portable accessory for strollers that's BPA Free and generates vibrations at the exact level and intensity your kid needs to fall right into the deepest sleep.

Nuba Baby, thinking for kids and on parents.

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