Frequently asked questions

When do I use the Z-UMP?

Anytime your baby need to sleep or get lull.

How do I get the vibration?

First, lay the Z-UMP over the floor. Second, walk the stroller over the Z-UMP and the stroller will lull the baby

What are the most common ways and places to use Z-UMP?

Bedroom, Living room, Parks, Restaurants, Airports, hotels, etc.

When should I start using the Z-UMP?

Its a product for all ages (including newborns)

Are Z-UMP safe for babies?

Yes, the Z-UMP is made for newborns and older kids

How long does Z-UMP take to work?

Babies get into routines very quickly. It depends how often you use Z-UMP. Usually, It takes only minutes.

Does Z-UMP have an age limit or weight limit?

No, is a product to be use all babies

Is Z-UMP washable?

Yes, you can wash it with any baby detergent and cold/warm water.